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Oct 08, 2019
Where do I buy my props from?

Cherish Forever Photography

Cherish Forever Photography


At Cherish Forever Photography, I mainly buy my props from vendors that I trust. I like to know I can reuse them time and time again. I check to see if they wash well and the quality is exactly what I am after next to your babies skin. I have put a list together of places I highly recommend for different items I use around the studio. As a newborn photographer this is very important to me as safety is always my number one key.

1.Hats & Bonnets

My number one rating for little fluffy hats is Alison at The Yarn Owls Nest. I have many from here. They never let me down.

I also absolutely love Minnie & Morgan. The bonnets from here are just adorable! They add a little character to any photograph.

Lavender Lace
is also on my favourite list to match bonnets with wraps in every colour.

My number one rating for sleep hats is Wild Thistle Props

2. Tie Backs

I am addicted to Wild Thistle tie backs. They are absolutely stunning. If you haven't got any of these in your collection. Then I highly recommend you get some! You have to be quick though. As soon as the are added to the cart they are gone like gold dust. Get connect to stay in the know.

I also love Daisy Dew tie backs. These are beautiful. I love using these on my older children that come in to my studio. they really add some characte

3. Wraps

I am in love with Red Owl Photo Props Cheese cloth extra long wraps. These work beautifully to trail some material behind the baby within your photographs.

Lavender Lace again is also on my favourite list to match bonnets with wraps in every colour. https://lavenderlacenewbornpro...

Floffy tops
also have beautiful wraps with matching bonnet

4. Beds

Ofcourse that's Wooden Prop Creations! I don't go anywhere else! https://www.woodenpropcreation...

5. Backdrops

Out top for me right now is Cherry Blossom Props Stunning materials!

I absolutely love Blessence! Big Shout out to them. They have different wraps and backdrops to match. Patterns that are so unique! Do connect with them to stay in the know. Once their stock is gone, its gone. Be quick!


Big shout out to Holly at Cwtchicoo! You will never get your curls from else where. Not to even mention the smell that arrives through the post from their beautiful hand made products

7. First Birthday 

I love the little outfits from Cake Smash Props. They are brilliant.

My all star cake maker is Ambers Cake Kitchen. Amber is very talented and never fails to deliver a fantastic cake when I need one last minute too. Check her out!


This has to be my number one White Willow Vintage Props. Flawless quality, washes beautifully and never fails to amaze me!

9. Bears

Lavender Lace
again has beautiful little bears in every colour. https://lavenderlacenewbornpro...

Artificial Flowers

Everyone loves Inspirations! I don't go anywhere else! https://www.inspirationswholes...


There are many Newborn Photographers around the UK. One that has caught my eye is Kirsty Kaulfuss. Kirsty is a newborn photographer in Fife. Kirsty uses to different props within her Newborn work. Check out her work here ===> https://bellaphotographyfife.c...

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