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Oct 15, 2019
Newborn Photographer Willaston - Pre Shoot Checklist

Preparing for your newborn session really helps to get the best out of your studio experience.

I understand that when you have a baby, leaving the house is a real challenge. Especially when you've been feeding your baby through the night time. Hormonal changes, labour & birth discomforts, and adjusting to the demands of new family life is little over whelming. 

So I want to make sure that your checklist isn't simply another stress. Especially to first time parents.

A pre-shoot checklist really helps so that when you arrive for your newborn session. You can kick back, relax, drink refreshments and take joy in your studio experience.

Check List

  • Firstly wear light clothing with layers as my studio is very warm at 28 degress. It needs to be cosy for your newborn baby.
  • Pack a spare change of clothes for any little accidents. Neutral white, cream or black clothing is essential for your parent and baby photographs
  • Please bring a comforter/dummy. If you aren't using one at home this can be discarded after the session. It really helps to settle your baby very quickly whilst in poses.
  • Bring some snacks with you. I do provide refreshments & biscuits a plenty.
  • If you are formula feeding please bring plenty of milk and extra bottles. I have a nursing pillow readily available for your comfort to allow you to breast fed on demand.
  • If older children are coming along for their sibling photographs. I always do these first. I advise that older siblings could be taken home or collected from the studio once photographs have finished. It is a long session and they get very bored.
  • Bring your phone or diary with you so we can schedule your ordering appointment at the end of your session.
  • Don't forget to tell Dad the studio will be warm!! >_<

There are lots of photographers around the world. One that really inspires me with ideas to do with your kids this half term is Clare Perry. Clare is a newborn photographer based in Kent. Take a look at her ideas

Newborn Photographer - Pre Shoot Checklist
Newborn Photographer - Pre Shoot Checklist